All Souls’ Day Luminaries 

Dear Friends,

It is only a few months since your husband or wife died, or perhaps your parents who lived with you, or maybe it was your child, or your sister, brother, friend, or someone close to you here. You get up from the sofa in the living room to go to the kitchen, and for a split second, you think you see them. Then you remember, “No, Mom passed away two months ago.” Or you go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. Only Grandma is not there; she passed away recently. Or you call your friend, and nobody answers. But in a careless moment, in the blink of an eye, you think you see them there with a glance. These are common occurrences.

On November 2nd, the Church celebrates the feast of All Souls. It is an opportunity to continue our tradition, remembering and praying for all the souls who have died in Christ: for their eternal rest in peace. We pray because we believe in love. We believe true love, the love that flows from God and returns to Him, remains forever.
I want to invite you to a special Mass commemorating All Souls. We gather around the Eucharistic table each year to pray for our loved ones. During the Universal Prayers, we will read the names of those who died this past year as we light the candles. Join us on Thursday, November 2nd, at 5:30 pm. Please ask your relatives, friends, and family members to attend.
I look forward to praying with you on November 2nd.

With prayers,

Fr. Marek Smolka
Pastor of St. Francis Borgia Church