New relic is coming to out parish – Wprowadzenie relikwi św. Kingi

Save the date! New relic is coming to our parish.

St. Kinga Princess of Polonia also know as Cunegunda.

Daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina; sister of Saint Margaret of Hungary and Blessed Jolenta of Poland; niece of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary; great-niece of Saint Hedwig of Andechs. Reluctant member of Polish royalty when she married Prince Boleslaus V, but it was a political marriage, and the pious couple lived as brother and sister; when Boleslaus became Prince of Cracow, became a princess of Poland. Noted for her charity to the poor and personal care for lepers. Founded a Poor Clare convent in Stary Sacz, Poland. Widowed in 1279, she gave away her wealth and retired to the convent as a prayerful Franciscan tertiary, turning her back completely on governance and worldly life.

Died – 24 July 1292 in the convent at Stary Sacz, Malopolskie, Poland of natural causes.

We will bring her relic to our parish on Sunday, July 16,2023.