Prince of Peace Adoration Chapel



The beginning of our Adoration Ministry is related to the 50th Anniversary of our Parish. At the time, our beloved St. John Paul II recommended spreading Adoration within parishes. Father Noonan was inspired to have 50 hours of adoration before the celebration Mass on September 19, 1999. A couple of parishioners were asked to assemble a committee for this special part of the celebration. Through prayerful discernment, a committee was chosen. It consisted of 10 people. We successfully had commitments from enough parishioners to host the 50 continuous hours of Adoration. 

After the celebration, the committee members were approached by people requesting Adoration more frequently. Father Mayall then permitted us to have Adoration twice a month, every first and third Monday, in the Mass, at the Stoke Center chapel. Our parish family embraced this prayerful time with their commitment to hours during the day and early evening hours to closing at 9:00. We did not have Benediction for the closing. Still, Extraordinaire Ministers were on the committee who led prayers and songs. Because of their ministry, they were able to repose the Blessed Sacrament. The committee prayed after the official closing around the tabernacle. This was a compelling and moving experience for the committee members. Our prayers were for the sick and dying, for vocations, and for prayers that people requested. Along with this prayer time, we asked Jesus to send the Holy Spirit upon us for directions on expanding this prayer time. Bishop Andrew was appointed to our parish as pastor and decided he wanted us to have an Adoration Chapel. 

Adoration was spreading throughout the Archdiocese. Many parishes were opening Adoration chapels. The committee met with him several times, and Bishop Andrew decided that the office for Religious Education would be the spot for our chapel. The office was moved to the school. An Adoration Association was formed in the Archdiocese under the direction of Bishop Perry. It was to educate, promote, and offer help to parishes forming Adoration Chapels. With their use, an architect who was a member of the Association came and drew proposals. It happened that the architect was a former parishioner when he was young. His mom was still a member of our parish. The Holy Spirit certainly took care of us. The Adoration Association gave us $5,000 for the new double doors and locks outside. Elsa, the parish administrator, thought the name Prince of Peace would be appropriate for the chapel. Being adorers, we do experience peace. 

On September 30, 2006, our chapel opened. Bishop Perry concelebrated Mass and carried the Blessed Sacrament outdoors to the chapel. After seven years of prayer, God answered our prayers. All in God’s time, not ours. He knew when our parish would be ready for this special place of worship. Take time and visit this oasis of peace. It truly is a blessing to our parish.